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Bonnet pins are designed to replace the standard, usually cable operated, release mechanism by mounting directly through the bonnet and securing in place onto the body underneath.

Having been used in motorsport competition for years, bonnet pins are designed as a quick and easy way to gain access to the engine bay. Standard bonnet release systems usually have a release lever located somewhere inside the car, this makes it more awkward to work on the car and can cause a loss of time when attempting to suppress a fire. Bonnet pins, in contrast, are accessed from outside of the car and are usually released by pulling a pin, strap or spring, allowing instant access to the engine bay.

There are many different types of bonnet pins or fasteners available which vary from classic looking leather straps for historic cars, traditional ring type pins through to aerodynamic fasteners which sit flush with the bodywork of the car. Other fasteners which are available include spring hooks and rubber panel hooks which are more commonly used for securing the boot or rear hatch. Needless to say, there will be a bonnet pin solution to fit any competition car.

If you are looking to fasten panels in place on a fibreglass or carbon fibre bodied car, why not have a look at our range of quick release fasteners located within the Motorsport department.