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Having a correctly set up car can mean the difference between a podium finish and an also ran. Demon Tweeks offer all the equipment needed to fine tune your chassis and suspension to ensure you are getting the best from your car.

Improving your chassis set up can start from the basics such as adjusting camber, toe or caster settings. We offer a great range of products to help you optimise your cars alignment and remove the guesswork.  

For a more in-depth chassis set up, you cannot look beyond a set of corner weight scales. This allows you to optimise the balance of your car by fine tuning how the weight of the car is distributed both laterally and longitudinally. By correcting the weight distribution, the car will react more consistently and predictably. To complement the range of corner weight scales we also feature a range of accessories including pad levellers, roll offs and ramps.

So, whether you are preparing to hit the circuit or stage, make sure that your car is set up to perfection. For other essential paddock equipment, be sure to check out our range of pit and paddock accessories.