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In the midst of competition, the cockpit of a racing car can present a couple of difficulties for a driver. Firstly, the temperature can reach very high levels and, secondly, the windscreen can mist up on rainy days.

Thankfully there are a number of solutions to help combat these situations. To help reduce the increase in heat, we feature a range of roof and window vents to help channel cool air in the direction of the driver with the help of flexible ducting hose. Alternatively, if you would prefer to keep a window open, we can supply a selection of driver’s window nets. These contain the driver in the event of an accident but also allows a good amount of airflow into the car.

To alleviate the issue of misting up inside the car during wet conditions, we have a range of heaters and inline blowers to direct air towards the windscreen. These vary from standalone electrical systems to plumbed in heater systems.

Whatever the application, we have your cockpit ventilation needs covered. For other great driver cooling products such as Coolshirt systems, head over to our racewear section for a great range of cooling and hydration products.