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Demon Tweeks Neoprene Self Adhesive Sponge Strip
From A$2.22 Ex VAT From A$2.22 INC VAT
Demon Tweeks Titanfast PVC Edging Trim
A$13.92 Ex VAT A$13.92 INC VAT
Demon Tweeks Door/Boot Foam Seal
From A$14.36 Ex VAT From A$14.36 INC VAT
Demon Tweeks Expanded Polyethylene Self Adhesive Strip
From A$1.16 Ex VAT From A$1.16 INC VAT
Showing 5 of 5 items

Motorsport body panels and trim seals are crucial for maintaining vehicle integrity and performance in competitive racing environments. Body panels, crafted from lightweight yet durable materials like carbon fibre or aluminium, reduce overall vehicle weight, enhancing speed and handling. They are designed to withstand the rigours of racing, providing both strength and aerodynamic efficiency.

Trim seals play a vital role in protecting against dust, water, and debris ingress, ensuring a secure and airtight fit around panels and trims. Made from high-quality rubber or silicone, these seals offer excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, UV rays, and chemicals, prolonging the life of vehicle components.

Investing in top-quality motorsport body panels and trim seals not only improves aerodynamic performance but also enhances vehicle durability and reliability, essential for achieving competitive success on the track.