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Roll cages have been a vital form of driver protection since the 1960’s. Manufactured from high strength steel which is welded together, roll cages are either bolted or welded in place at multiple points inside the car. Once in place, roll cages offer protection over the roof and from side impacts

Aside from providing essential protection in the event of the car rolling, a roll cage also adds a significant increase to the general stiffness of the chassis. This helps to improve the handling characteristics of the car by preventing the chassis from twisting under corning forces, allowing the suspension to function to the best of its ability.

There are various types of roll cage available which feature bolt in or weld in fitment options to suit everything from clubman racing to international competition. The main differences between the roll cages being the complexity of the design with the highest specification cages featuring more tubing for increased protection, as well as the material that is used which effects the weight and the strength of the cage.

There are also roll cages that are available which are suitable for use in historic vehicles. These roll cages are still made from the same high strength materials, however, to provide the best level of protection available.     

If you are looking for extra tubing or padding materials, be sure to check out the Roll Bar Padding and Accessories categories under the Roll Cages and Accessories section.