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Being one of the main points of driver input, a good quality steering wheel is an essential part of preparing a competition car.

There are a few variables to consider when selecting a steering wheel, first of which being the application. Steering wheels are available in several different diameters to suit saloon, sportscars or single seaters. Typically, a single seater will require a much smaller steering wheel due to space restrictions and the lack of required steering force due to the lower weight. Saloon cars tend to be fitted with larger steering wheels, particularly if they do not have power steering installed.

Another factor to consider is the dish of the wheel, which brings the wheel closer to the driver for greater control when fast steering corrections are required such as in rally or off-road cars. Steering wheels also have a choice of grip material to include; suede, leather, wood or polyurethane.

To compliment the range of steering wheels, we feature a selection of steering wheel bosses to allow for fitting to the vehicle. These are available as either a vehicle specific boss to mount directly to the steering column of a particular car or as a universal quick release boss which can be welded on to the column or bolted to the vehicle specific boss. Other accessories include spacers to bring the wheel closer to the driver and button plates.

If you are looking for road tuning style steering wheels, head over to our Performance department.