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A car transmission has the task of translating the power that is generated from the engine into usable forward motion. In order to do this there are several components along the way including the clutch, flywheel, differential and, of course, the gearbox itself.

All of these components can be upgraded to increase their performance when used in a motorsport environment. Starting with the clutch, there are a range of clutches available which offer upgraded friction material for a better feel through the pedal, the ability to handle a larger amount of torque, lighter weight as well as an increase in lifespan when compared to a standard road clutch. They are available in a range of sizes to suit most applications.

Also featured on these pages are a range of lightweight flywheels that reduce inertia, helping the engine to spin more freely which, in turn, improves the transfer of power and torque to the wheels.

Gear kits are also available for a popular range of applications for if you are looking to change the gear ratios to improve acceleration or top speed. There are also gear kits with dog engagement and straight cut gears which allow for quicker gear shifts.

On the subject of quicker shifts, why not have a look at our selection of quick shift kits which shorten the throw length of the gear lever, saving time when trying to change gear quickly as well as helping to avoid mis-shifts.