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Motorsport gauges are used to measure crucial engine parameters such as RPM, water or oil temperature and pressure, battery voltage or turbo boost and relay the information back to the driver in a visual form.

The two main gauges located in the dash, the speedometer and the tachometer, provide important information regarding the road speed and the engine speed. Motorsport variations of these gauges are manufactured to offer the most accurate reading possible while meeting the demands of highly tuned race engines. 

As competition engines are often run to very fine tolerances they often require a driver to keep an eye on certain engine conditions to prevent an expensive failure. This is where auxiliary gauges come in. Gauges are available in electrical or mechanical operation types to suit individual application requirements. Both gauge types obtain their readings from sender units which are mounted inside the relevant engine components or areas.

Aside from the differences in how the gauges operate, there are different options for their appearance. These include various units of measurement such as PSI or Bar for pressure gauges and Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature gauges. Further options include different colour dial faces and bezels to suit both modern and classic vehicles.

Also available are a range of fittings and mounting options to provide you with all you need for the complete installation. If you are looking for all encompassing dash units, be sure to head over to our Data Logging section for the latest motorsport dashboard units.