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The exhaust system is a key engine component for any competition car and features everything from the exhaust manifold back including silencers, catalytic converters and, of course, the bends themselves.

A high quality exhaust system can unlock extra performance from an engine due to being more efficient at removing wasteful exhaust gases from the cylinders as well as reducing back pressure. This helps the engine to breathe better and improve the combustion process, thus allowing the engine to produce more power.

Standard vehicle exhaust systems have been designed with economy in mind and can often restrict the performance of an engine. The exhaust components featured on these pages have been designed to improve engine performance and allow you to tailor an exhaust system to fit your car.

If you are struggling to reduce the noise of your race car, you will also find universal silencers which will not only reduce the noise produced, but also can be used to tailor the power band of the car.

As these exhausts are designed for use on competition cars, they may not be suitable for road cars. For a full range of road approved exhaust systems, head over to our Performance Exhaust section.