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Standard engines get through an astonishing amount of work in their lifetime, but that's nothing compared to an engine used in racing conditions. Operating in sharp bursts over a race weekend, culminating in the main event, your engine needs a little help now and again and that's where high performance fuel and oil additives come in.

Developed for both two and four stroke engines, our range of fuel and oil additives help to keep the fuel you put in clean and give it an extra boost, too. We stock fuel additives and treatments for both petrol and diesel engines meaning whichever high performance engine you're running you're sure to find a treatment that works for you.

Manufactured by some of the biggest names in motorsport including Millers Oils, Castrol, Putoline, Motul and Silkolene; all of our oil additives and fuel treatments will give your racing engine the TLC and special treatment it deserves - and needs - to get you through your next race weekend, and many more, too.