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Your brakes are right up there at the top of the list of priority parts and components, especially when it comes to motorsport and controlling the speed of your car. In order to keep your brake parts in the best possible condition, brake fluids have been developed to help deliver the pressure onto the components when you press the pedal.

When a driver presses on the brakes it compresses a piston inside the caliper which then pushes the pads onto the discs which slow the wheels and allow you to gain control over the car or bring it safely to a stop.

In motorsport your brakes are used far more regularly than you might imagine, usually as you reach the point of turning in for a corner, and quite often for only a very short period of time. However, this brake fluid plays a crucial role in the process and wider braking system making it one of the most important fluids. A lot of major manufacturers have invested heavily in the development of their brake fluids, particularly for the motorsport sector, with products like Castrol React SRF and AP Racing Radi-Cal R4 leading the way in terms of overall performance and popularity in all types of competitive racing.