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Temperature regulation is a vitally important part of motorsport. If your engine is running at a comfortable temperature then you're far more likely to feel every single benefit it has to offer compared to an engine running too hot or too cold and struggling to live up to the standards needed out on the track.

Even off the racing circuit, your engine temperature should be a key consideration and engine coolant should always be at a good level in order to keep the temperature down. In fact, it's not just keeping the temperature down that's important, it's keeping it up to a comfortable running temperature, and that's the job of antifreeze on cold winter mornings.

The sooner your engine is up and running comfortably, the sooner the efficiency kicks in and you can really feel the benefits of the acceleration and power it can deliver. In our range of motorsport coolants and antifreeze products you'll be able to find the perfect engine coolant for your block helping you to keep it cool (but warm) under pressure and ready to deliver what you need under race conditions.