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Grease and similar lubricants play a vital role in keeping your car on the road, or track. Not only do they help to create a reliable seal, they also help parts to move freely and without wearing each other down by rubbing metal on metal.

Here at Demon Tweeks we stock a range of different engine grease and lubricants all suitable of giving race-ready engines the support they need to operate to their full potential. Our silicone grease, for example, is suitable for high and low temperatures and is particularly useful in protecting vital components against the effects of dust and corrosion allowing any rubber or plastic parts to maintain their own strength and structure.

Our lubricants include everything you need to free seized components and to remove the dust and dirt that can lead to corrosion. With everything from chain cleaners to multi-purpose 3-in-1 oils to clean up, lubricate and prevent rust; you'll find it all right here.