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Air Jacks & Accessories

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Working on a race car setup isn’t the easiest process at the best of times with so many key parts and components obscured by other key parts and components; so when you can improve your access it makes sense to do so with quality tools and equipment built especially for the job. Hydraulic air jacks are designed to raise each wheel of the car safely and securely off the ground so that mechanics and engineers can gain access to the underside of the vehicle, ready to make the all-important repairs or change the wheels and tyres.

Our air jacks and accessories are made with pits and paddocks in mind, ensuring that you have everything you need to prepare yourselves for anything that might go wrong over the course of the weekend. We stock a range of compressed air bottles and bottle trolleys to help you transport the all-important air supply to and around the pit, along with pressure regulators and valves to connect the air supply to the air jack so that you can raise the car safely and securely off the ground for fast, effective repairs that get you back on track with the minimum amount of fuss.