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Part of being quick is looking quick, and that means it's vitally important to keep your car looking its best at all times. With our range of car cleaning accessories you can do just that, using professional standard car cleaning tools and accessories to bring an impeccable shine and finish to all parts of your car from the roof down to the wheels and everything in between.

Our car cleaning accessories covers the large stuff you expect to find in professional racing paddocks all the way down to the small parts you use at home. Our car polishing machines and pads will help to apply a smooth, even layer of polish to the bodywork for an outstanding shine; while our car cleaning brushes and wheel brushes will make sure that any dirt is wiped away without rubbing the grit and dirt against the paintwork. We also stock essentials such as car washing brushes plus both interior and exterior car cleaning products to help keep your car looking great as it rolls into the paddock.