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There are a lot of regulations in place in motorsport, and all for good reason. Safety is of paramount importance for all involved from the racers to the mechanics to the marshals, stewards and everyone in attendance at the event. Temperature and noise levels are two of the most scrutinised with the risk of overheating posing fire risks and exposure to excessive noise having potentially serious effects on long-term hearing as well as breaching local noise restrictions. As such it's important to have accurate methods of recording and analysing the noise generated by your car or motorcycle, as well as the temperature generated during the race. Here at Demon Tweeks you'll find everything you need for accurate measurements ranging from decibel meters and sound level meters to help you adhere to the strict regulations imposed by racing organisations and the tracks themselves, as well as digital handheld thermometers and pyrometers - even tyre temperature gauges - to help ensure you and everyone around the venue is as safe as possible throughout a race meeting. Don't risk being expelled from the race because of excessive engine noise, or forced out of the race because your engine has overheated - invest in our temperature and sound measurement solutions and you'll be safe on and off the track.