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Your factory brake lines can rob your braking system of stopping power, especially when worn.

The rubber hoses used from the factory in most vehicles can flex or bulge under load, particularly as they age. This means some of the force from you pushing your brake pedal is not transmitted to the brake callipers and pads.

Replacing these rubber lines with Braided Steel Brake Hoses or Lines which do not flex means that when you push the brake pedal all the force is transmitted from your foot to the brake pads.

This gives you more stopping power and more precise control over braking. Not only is no force lost, but the braided lines will have less slack in, so you will feel in more direct control over your car's braking.

They also won’t expand with heat which comes into play when driving very hard on road, or on track.

A PTFE inner and a sturdy braided stainless-steel outer are used. A plastic coating helps prevent dirt getting between the braided outer and the Teflon inner, prevent abrasion. The plastic coatings come in a variety of different colours.

Hose fittings are available with a variety of different corrosion resistant coatings.