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If you want to make your car handle better, your suspension springs are a great place to start. Replacing your cars factory springs with lower, firmer springs is an easy way to improve handling without breaking the bank.

Your car will look better lowered. The wheels will fill the arches better and your car will have a sportier, more aggressive stance, especially with wheel spacers.

It will also handle better lowered. There’s real physics behind why making it sit lower makes it corner better. A lower centre of gravity means less body roll, and less body roll means less transfer of grip away from one side of the car. This will be particularly noticeable on direction changes. This means that the car stays more firmly glued to the road offering real noticeable improvements in driving feel.

Most of the lowering springs we sell are fully compatible with your cars original suspension.  This means factory dampers (even electronic and adaptive dampers) work just fine. This makes them a very cheap upgrade on their own. If you want to go for the full package they also work great with sports shocks.