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About Eibach

Eibach engineer each and every one of their extensive range of products to the highest standards, ensuring that every single suspension part performs perfectly throughout its lifespan. Eibach lowering springs have been developed to perform in the harshest conditions and under the greatest strain. Their suspension parts are manufactured to meet the requirements of endurance racing, circuit racing and track days; with the German brand creating parts that have supported world and national champions in various forms of motorsport. These advanced and innovative lowering springs and suspension components are also widely used out on the roads with Eibach also investing heavily in the road tuning market. The technology they use to develop their motorsport range is available to everyday drivers on the roads, helping to bring the same level of handling to the country lanes that you'd find in the hairpins. The world's best put their trust in Eibach, striving for perfection each time they venture out of the pits and you can too.