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The KW brand started out in Germany in 1992, operating out of a 75 square metre retail unit under the name of KW Tuning. By 1995 they had developed their first flagship product - the KW coilover suspension. From that point onwards the brand have never looked back and have continued to develop their KW Suspension Variant 1 coilover kit to meet the different needs of different drivers and achieving the best possible handling for their car - whatever the make and model. They set out with the ambition to change the way that suspension systems worked with a lowering solution that meets the needs of road drivers around the world. By 2007 KW Suspension had provided the overall winner and runner-up at the Nurburgring 24-hour race with racing suspensions and this was the moment where the motorsport world really started to take note, helping to make KW Suspension as much of a name in track driving as they already were out on the roads.