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Founded in 1906, Recaro has become one of the motorsport world's most well-known manufacturers thanks to their collection of bucket seats used in rally, race and track day cars around the globe. The Stuttgart-brand has continued to evolve over the last 110 years, branching out into the development and production of road and child car seats; packing all of their expertise into the safety of drivers, passengers and children in cars as well as racing. It is that racing pedigree that has helped Recaro to become the go-to brand for racing seats. They ensure that every single safety advancement is incorporated into the design, then get to work on ensuring that they are comfortable and stylish for drivers and co-drivers, passengers and children alike. All Recaro car seats use harnesses to hold the driver and passengers in place making the fitting of each seat vitally important - so much so that the brand produce their own matching runners, mounts and accessories so that each Recaro bucket seat fits naturally into the vehicle.