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A set of alloy wheels does far more than just add a sporty look to your car, it can make the whole car look and feel completely different. While many factory-fitted alloys look okay, they don't have quite the same impact as a set of beautifully designed and fabricated alloy wheels from specialists like Borbet who invest months into the design of each and every set of alloys. Suitable for countless makes and models, Borbet wheels are known throughout the motoring world for their quality and innovative designs that can transform a car in minutes, like their now iconic range of Borbet A wheels that have been available for more than 30 years and remain every bit as popular today as when the star-shaped alloy wheels were first released. With a whole host of different colour and design configurations to choose from, Borbet alloy wheels can be fitted to replace damaged or tired factory-fitted wheels or to give your car the much-needed makeover required to take it from an also-ran to a show-stopper.