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Any kind of impact can take its toll on the driver as well as the car. Motorsport is an industry in which accidents do happen, and often in some of the strangest ways. It doesn't have to be a crash involving two or more cars out on the track, it could be a driver losing control and hitting the barrier or it could be a rally driver losing it on a sharp bend in poor conditions. However an accident occurs it pays to have energy impact systems in place to absorb as much of the impact as possible to prevent it from causing serious damage to the driver and any passengers. BSCI energy impact systems are designed to do just that and use efficient and highly effective energy management foams that sit within the roll bars or seats in the car to stop the force of the accident from causing serious injury. With a range of easy-to-install BSCI energy impact systems, roll bar padding and seat inserts suitable for all forms of racing bucket seats, investing in an EIS system from BSCI could be the best safety improvement you make to your car this season.