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Showing 24 of 446 items

Roll cages have been around for a while now, offering enhanced stability and safety for drivers and passengers in race-going cars of all shapes and sizes. One company, Custom Cages, have been developing their own range of, well, custom roll cages, for more than 30 years under the leadership of director Roger Nevitt and use the latest machining techniques and materials to provide the strongest and most supportive roll cages for all major makes, models and forms of motorsport. From World Rally Championship and British Touring Car Championship teams to historic rally events, Custom Cages have had their cages fitted in all of them. Today, Custom Cages continue to use the most innovative techniques and methods to produce roll cages for amateur and professional motorsport teams, as well as OEM clients, with cages fitted in models including Lotus, BMW, Triumph, Renault and many more. Each Custom Cages roll cage is designed for the specific make and model of car using specialist machines and techniques, ensuring that each and every roll cage performs to the highest standard when called upon.