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Launched in Japan in 1983 before making their way over to America in 1985 and the European market in 1988; Falken tyres have become some of the leading car tyres on the market today. Covering everything from typical road tyres to high performance and track day tyres for all levels of ability, Falken tyres offer quality, reliability and performance in all conditions which is exactly what you expect from a globally renowned tyre manufacturer. Intensely tested and developed to provide professional race quality tyres to road and track cars, Falken pride themselves on just how much time and effort is invested into the development of their range of tyres. From their high performance ZE310 and ZE914 road tyres to their AS200 all season tyres, Falken offer something different to cater to the different needs of the drivers and teams who use their tyres to their full potential, helping to reach the top step of the podium in terms of race results and respect around the world.