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When you need to raise and move a vehicle you need to have something strong and secure to help you do it. With such significant weight involved - and such significant price tags, too - it's vital that whenever you lift a car off the ground to move it to an area of the workshop, or to do any repairs, you have a good quality car jack or dolly in place. GoJak vehicle jacks are the go-to products for a lot of workshops and garages, providing support for varying weights and types of car depending on the model chosen. The GoJak 4500 vehicle jack, for example, has been designed for the racing industry and enables you to move a car with tyres up to 500mm in width and weights up to 506kg on an individual GoJak jack. Available as individual car jacks, sets of four and even as a set that includes a storage rack to keep the workshop tidy when not in use; GoJak vehicle jacks are the ultimate systems for moving broken, seized or race-damaged vehicles.