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Showing 24 of 95 items

Performance upgrades are often based around power, speed, stopping and noise; with a performance clutch at the very top of most tuners' wish lists. Offering more power, stability, durability, reliability and heat resistance; a performance clutch from SACHS represents a great investment for not only tuners but racers, too. Developed on and around some of the world's most testing circuits, SACHS clutches take racing expertise and bring this to the road in the form of their upgrade kits and components. Consisting of a single mass flywheel instead of an OE dual mass flywheel, and a high quality clutch plate made for tuned and racing engines, a SACHS clutch and flywheel kit can cope with engine speeds of up to 12,000 RPM and represents around a 60% reduction in weight making the car more powerful, lighter and quicker - what more could you ask for? Improved suspension, of course! SACHS has you covered here, too, producing a wide range of popular, TUV-certified high performance shock absorbers and coilover kits made with the same motorsport heritage, including height adjustable dampers and springs.