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Having invested in all kinds of different performance upgrades, setting you back a lot of money along the way, the last thing that you want to encounter is any kind of heat damage brought about by components that emit significant amounts of heat into the engine bay or around the car as a whole. The exhaust system is a prime example in this respect, emitting significant amounts of heat and damaging parts of the chassis and parts around it. So what's the solution? Exhaust coatings and heat shields like those designed by Zircotec. Having been developed over many years, Zircotec heat shields and exhaust coatings have proven to reduce temperatures by as much as a third in some tests, protecting and extending the life of your car parts and ensuring that they continue to perform to the high standard you intended. Heat shields and exhaust coatings have no detrimental effect on the exhaust or part they're fitted to, and in some cases can add an extra layer of protection to them, allowing them to work efficiently and effectively rather than compromising on exhaust performance to get more from the wider car. Engineered to meet the needs of everything from classic cars to motorsport, and even OEM parts, Zircotec heat shields can solve a multitude of issues with one easy-to-fit part.