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A battery is responsible for providing power to all the onboard electrical systems on a car. In motorsport applications there are, typically, less auxiliary systems which draw on the battery. However, the majority of race prepared engines require a larger amount of cranking force due to having a higher compression ratio. As a result, motorsport batteries differ from their road going equivalents in the form of higher cranking power as well as being lighter in weight.

To reduce the possibility of a spillage as well as improve the reliability of the battery, motorsport batteries tend to be either AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or Lithium Ion batteries. In the case of the AGM style batteries, a greater discharge capability is achieved due to being able to pack more glass matting inside the battery in place of heavier lead plates. Further benefits of a motorsport battery include a higher resistance to shocks and vibrations which can occur within a motorsport environment and a maintenance free, sealed construction. This sealed construction also allows the battery to be mounted in any orientation, however, if mounted inside the cockpit of the car, it will need to be installed inside a battery box.

If you are looking for battery chargers, connectors and mounting options, be sure to check out the “Battery Accessories” section for everything that you need to fit your new battery.