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AEM Electronics VCU200 Tesla LDU Base Drive Controller For EV Conversions
DKK 10,928.13 Ex VAT DKK 13,660.16 ALL TAXES PAID
AEM Electronics VCU300 Programmable EV Control Unit - Multi Motor
DKK 39,781.50 Ex VAT DKK 49,726.88 ALL TAXES PAID
Showing 2 of 2 items

EV tuning for motorsport cars involves optimising electric vehicle (EV) powertrains to enhance performance and efficiency. This process includes fine-tuning the motor’s software, adjusting the power delivery maps, and calibrating the regenerative braking systems. By adjusting these parameters, tuners can achieve improved acceleration, higher top speeds, and more responsive handling.

The technical aspects of EV tuning focus on maximising the efficiency of the electric motor and battery management systems. Tuning the motor’s control algorithms can enhance throttle response and optimise energy usage, while fine-tuning the regenerative braking can improve energy recovery and extend driving range. Additionally, performance enhancements often involve adjusting the thermal management systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

Benefits of EV tuning include increased overall vehicle performance, better energy efficiency, and tailored driving dynamics to meet specific motorsport needs. This not only enhances the driving experience but also allows for competitive edge in racing scenarios, where every fraction of a second counts.