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Tyre pressures are a key factor in determining the performance of a race car, where the slightest of difference can have large impact on lap or stage times.

With such a great amount of potential performance increases to be found within the tyres themselves, having an accurate tyre pressure gauge at your disposal is essential. Whether you measure your tyre pressures in PSI or Bar, there is sure to be a pressure gauge to suit your requirements. There is a large range of tyre pressure gauges available within our range with both digital and analogue display options to suit both the budget and top level teams. The main difference between the entry level and high level gauges is the degree of accuracy with which they measure. The more accurately that the pressures are set, the better the potential for performance gains due to being all tyres being set correctly.

Certain tyre pressure gauges also feature a bleed off valve which allows you to fill the tyre to a generous amount with a compressor and then accurately bring the pressure down to the required level. This allows you to be sure that you have the correct pressure in the tyre and save time in setting the pressures.