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Before the inception of FHR devices and the associated ruling making them mandatory for use in competition, there were neck braces. These collars made from high density foam which are covered with a fire retardant Nomex fabric and sit on top of the shoulders underneath the helmet, offering support for the neck in the event of an impact.

As these neck braces are not compatible for use with a fitted FHR device such as a HANS or Hybrid style, they are best suited to competition where it is not required to use an FHR device. This includes the like of autograss, oval racing or drag racing.

Secured using a Velcro strap at the front, these neck braces offer a universal fit with some products featuring adult or child sizes. Some products provide additional support with an additional section which sits at the top of the back. Not only does this help to ensure that the neck brace remains in position, it prevents the neck from incurring whiplash injuries from being thrown forwards and backwards from the forces exerted in a crash.

If your chosen motorsport championship requires the use of an FHR device, then you will need to head over to the FHR/HANS Devices section of the website. Or if you are looking for neck braces to use when karting, we have a separate section for neck braces under the “Helmets and Accessories” section of the karting department.