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A balaclava forms part of a drivers’ safety underwear to offer protection in the event of a fire. Worn in conjunction with fireproof tops and bottoms, a balaclava forms a protective base layer which provides a vital barrier against the dangers of fire.

Not only do balaclavas protect the driver from fire, they also help to preserve the inside of the drivers’ helmet. During an event, the body temperature of the driver can increase, leading to an increase in sweat. Without a balaclava, the majority of this sweat from the drivers’ head would be absorbed into the helmet lining which, if not properly dried out, can lead to the deterioration of the adhesives and materials which are essential to the safety of the helmet. By wearing a balaclava, you are not only protecting your head from the risk of fire, but you will also be keeping your helmet in the best condition possible.

Some balaclavas feature cooling features to help improve the airflow around the drivers’ head as well as moisture wicking materials to draw the sweat away from the skin. Other options include open face or eyehole style balaclavas as well as flat seamed or seamless construction for greater levels of comfort.

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