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There are many forces excerpted on a car whilst driving; some of which include acceleration, deceleration, cornering forces and gravity. When turning a corner, the car is subject to more than one of these forces. Due to the way that car suspension works, a natural result of these forces acting on the springs and dampers combined with an average car weight of over a ton means that the car body will start to roll in the opposite direction to the corner. This shift in weight can be detrimental to the way a car handles.

In order to combat this body roll, modern vehicles have been fitted with anti roll bars. These solid metal bars are typically mounted across an axle between two points on the suspension and acts to stiffen the chassis which improves the handling capabilities of the car.

Standard car anti roll bars are designed to still maintain a certain level of comfort and to deal with the bumps found on the roads of the country. As such there is room for improvement when looking to take a car on track. Our range of performance anti roll bars have been designed as an upgrade to stiffen up the car and control the weight transfer, improve the grip through corners, increase traction and lower lap times.

Strut braces are another way of improving chassis stiffness. If you were looking for these check out our strut brace section.