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For the best possible braking, it doesn’t get much better than a Big Brake Kit.

A total overhaul for your cars braking system, a Big Brake Kit typically come with much bigger calipers, huge discs (often two-piece), and bigger pads. Normally lines and fluid are also supplied.

Depending on the size of the vehicles wheels and the disc to be used anything from 4- to 10-piston calipers may be used. The bigger the disc and pad to be used, the more pistons you will need to drive the pads evenly into the disc. Most Big Brake Kits use high-quality monobloc calipers. A one-piece caliper flexes less.

Bigger discs will be used as well. This enhances stopping power and spreads the heat out over a wider surface area. A drilled, slotted, or grooved disc will normally be used. Floating discs may also be used for enhanced heat resistance.

Bigger/more/better compound pads will be used as well. The bigger caliper means more pad surface area. An uprated sports compound will also be supplied. Many kits come with a choice of fast-road or dedicated track pads.

Braided lines and uprated fluid with a higher boiling point may also be supplied.