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Bola ZFR Alloy Wheels In Silver Polished Face Set Of 4

  • Multi spoke alloy
  • Elegant styling
  • Directional spoke pattern
Call 01978 664468 for help with fitment information,
staggered set ups & Wheel & Tyre packages
NOW €1,236.26 ALL TAXES PAID €1,030.22 EX VAT
Product Details

This sharp, angled multispoke wheel is Bola's ZFR wheel, designed to look classy yet racey and provide a whole variety of vehicle styles with a smooth and elegant statement that this vehicle means business.

  • Directional spoke pattern
  • Looks as though it is moving when stationary
  • Classy styling cues

Available in a stunning Silver Polished Face finish that looks awesome on a whole host of different vehicles.

Bola make wheels with a PCD to fit 99% of all cars so if your required fitment is not listed, or you require a staggered setup, then get in contact with us and we will see what we can find you.

Don't Forget - wheels and tyres are usually one of the biggest expenditures so keep them safe by fitting high-security wheel locking nuts and keep them in pristine condition with our wheel care products.

PCD and Offset explained - Check out our wheel fitment guide here!


Brand Bola
MPN 959SPFBWZFR355105, 959SPFBWZFR355115, 959SPFBWZFR385112, 959SPFBWZFR405112, 959SPFBWZFR425108, 959SPFBWZFR455105, 859SPFBWZFR355112, 859SPFBWZFR385108, 859SPFBWZFR405108, 859SPFBWZFR425100, 859SPFBWZFR425105, 859SPFBWZFR425120, 859SPFBWZFR455105, 859SPFBWZFR455120, 959SPFBWZFR355100, 959SPFBWZFR355108, 959SPFBWZFR355120, 959SPFBWZFR385114, 959SPFBWZFR405114, 959SPFBWZFR425110, 959SPFBWZFR455108, 959SPFBWZFR455112, 859SPFBWZFR355110, 859SPFBWZFR385105, 859SPFBWZFR405105, 859SPFBWZFR405120, 859SPFBWZFR425114, 859SPFBWZFR455100, 859SPFBWZFR455114, 959SPFBWZFR355114, 959SPFBWZFR385108, 959SPFBWZFR385110, 959SPFBWZFR405105, 959SPFBWZFR405110, 959SPFBWZFR425105, 959SPFBWZFR455100, 859SPFBWZFR355108, 859SPFBWZFR385100, 859SPFBWZFR405100, 859SPFBWZFR405114, 859SPFBWZFR425112, 859SPFBWZFR455112, 859SPFBWZFR355100, 859SPFBWZFR355114, 859SPFBWZFR385110, 859SPFBWZFR385114, 859SPFBWZFR405110, 859SPFBWZFR425108, 859SPFBWZFR455108, 959SPFBWZFR355110, 959SPFBWZFR385100, 959SPFBWZFR385120, 959SPFBWZFR405120, 959SPFBWZFR425112, 959SPFBWZFR425114, 959SPFBWZFR455110, 959SPFBWZFR455114, 959SPFBWZFR355112, 959SPFBWZFR385105, 959SPFBWZFR405100, 959SPFBWZFR405108, 959SPFBWZFR425100, 959SPFBWZFR425120, 959SPFBWZFR455120, 859SPFBWZFR355105, 859SPFBWZFR355115, 859SPFBWZFR355120, 859SPFBWZFR385112, 859SPFBWZFR385120, 859SPFBWZFR405112, 859SPFBWZFR425110, 859SPFBWZFR455110, 859C25SPFBWZFR32598, 859C25SPFBWZFR37598, 959C25SPFBWZFR32598, 959C25SPFBWZFR37598

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