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Over the years, disc brake technology has developed a great deal. Modern brake discs not only offer excellent braking performance, but are also available in many different options and derivatives.

As well as brake discs which are designed for use on specific vehicles, there are also universal brake discs available that are intended for use on competition vehicles. These discs tend to be a two-piece “floating” style disc which are available in different diameters and disc face styles.

There are various styles of disc face designs available from plain, drilled or grooved through to a combination drilled and grooved. Plain faced discs are mostly used in championships which require a standard style disc to be used. In championships where disc types are less restricted, the drilled or grooved discs offer an improvement in braking performance. This is achieved by reducing brake pad glazing and helping to remove heat and gas by-products because of the braking process.

Competition brake discs are available in a range of sizes including the diameter and the width of the disc. Larger discs offer the best braking performance, but the largest disc that you can fit to a vehicle depends on the size of the wheel and the caliper arrangement and will require measuring to find the best size for your application.

As these discs are designed for competition use, they aren’t suitable for use on the road. For our range of road specific brake discs, head over to the braking section of our Performance department.