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One thing that is for certain when taking a rally car onto a stage, it is going to get dirty! A good way of protecting your car from dirt and debris is to fit a good quality set of mud flaps.

The role of mud flaps isn’t just restricted to keeping the car cleaner, however. They offer protection from large stones which can cause significant damage to the underside of the car. They also prevent a large amount of debris from being flicked out from the back of the car which protects marshals and spectators.

Most mud flaps are universal and are supplied in rectangular sheets having been designed to be cut to the required shape for fitting. This allows for a greater amount of freedom in deciding the required sizing and fitting options for your car. Generally, mud flaps are supplied in pairs to cover an axle, but a kit is available to fit the whole car.

For MSA rallying, it is mandatory for all cars to be fitted with 4mm thick mud flaps. Other thicknesses are available as well as larger sheets for use as underbody protection or wheel arch liners.

For other body protection products, be sure to have a look at the specific body protection and trim section found in our Performance Department.