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Sump & Tank Guards

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Magnum Competition Tank Guard
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Demon Tweeks Sump Guard
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Rally cars are often subjected to the most demanding of driving conditions where gravel and rocks batter the underside of the car. With many important components being exposed beneath the car, it is important to protect them from impacts and damage which could potentially cause a retirement.

One of these critical engine components that needs protecting underneath the car is the oil sump. This is often positioned low down in the engine bay and can be very susceptible to impacts and damage. As the sump holds most the engine oil at any given time, it goes without saying that having a leak and draining the oil out of the engine would result in serious, potentially expensive, engine failure.

This is where sump guards come in. Below is a range of sump guards to suit the most popular rally car applications which are constructed from high strength materials and feature all the brackets required for fitting to the car. These guards are designed to deflect the debris that is flicked up from the wheels as protect from larger impacts such as rocks or tree roots. This means that you can continue your rally in confidence that your car is being protected.

If you are looking to protect other parts of the underbody of your car, why not have a look at the mud flaps and brackets section for a range of high resistant material to protect key car components.