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Hydraulic Release Bearings

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The release bearing found within a cars’ clutch system is the method for engaging and disengaging the clutch by pushing against the clutch pressure plate to move the drive plate away from the flywheel.

The release bearings which are featured on this page have been designed to fit a range of motorsport clutches and feature high quality bearings for increased reliability and a smoother operation. Further benefits of these competition clutch release bearings include the being lighter in weight and being self-adjusting. This means that the release bearing is able to compensate for clutch wear, ensuring that a consistent feel can be achieved throughout the life of the clutch which translates to improved performance on track or stage.

For other competition clutch components be sure to check out our “Clutches & Flywheels” section. As these clutch components are designed for use in competition, they are not vehicle specific and may not be suitable for use on the road. For a full selection of road approved clutches, head over to the “Clutches” section of our Performance Department.