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The gearbox component of a vehicles transmission system houses the individual gears and associated items such as crown wheels and pinions.

In most standard road vehicles, the gear ratios and design are optimised for a mixture of economy and reduced noise with an emphasis placed on longevity of the gearbox and the ease of use for the driver. However, in motorsport applications, some of these attributes are not as important. Available in this section are a range of vehicle specific gear kits which, not only change the ratios, but also other aspects of the gearbox operation.

Fitting closer ratio gears will allow the driver to keep the engine operating within its power band and reduces the rev drop between gear changes. There are also options for the individual gear designs which include synchromesh, straight-cut or sequential. Each of these offer an increase in performance over standard gear types such as less power being lost through the transmission and a more positive shifting feel for the driver. Other benefits of installing a gear kit include changing the final drive or individual ratios for improved acceleration or top speed.