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Sometimes, there is a need to create a unique air induction system for a competition car, whether it is because you are building a one-off special or there isn’t a vehicle specific kit available. Universal filters are available in a range of sizes and provide the same levels of filtration and air flow as featured in vehicle specific induction kits, but offering the ability to be used in more bespoke installations.

The range of universal filters that are available includes a selection of shapes including standard cone, round or oval filters, each with their own range of neck sizes and dimensions. This allows for a greater degree of freedom when selecting a filter to suit your requirements. When selecting a filter which is right for your application, you will need to bear in mind the size of the inlet on the engine as well as your physical space limitations for where you are planning to locate the filter. Once you have those sizes, you can start to look for a filter that will fit your requirements. In general, it is best to select the largest filter that you can to maximise the amount of filtration area, however, in some cases, a filter which is too large for the intake system can be detrimental to the performance of the car.

If you are looking for an air filter which has been specifically developed for your car, check out the Induction Kits - Vehicle Specific category.