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Additives are some of the most effective, yet frequently overlooked fluids you can put into a car. Coolant additives, in particular, are often forgotten in favour of the more widely used fuel and oil treatments, but they play a vital role in motorsport.

As a natural by-product of their operation, car engines produce a large amount of heat. In racing conditions, as you can imagine, the engine gets very hot indeed and is often at risk of overheating leaving you forced to retire from the race or back to the pits for some urgent work.

To combat this increase in heat and to maintain the perfect operating temperature, most engines feature a cooling system which pumps a special fluid around the inside of the engine and through a radiator. As regular water starts to boil at 100 degrees Celsius, either ethylene or propylene glycol is added to lower the boiling point and keep the fluid more stable. In order to keep your engine at a cool operating temperature and working how you want it to from lights out to the chequered flag, browse the full range of engine coolant additives available at Demon Tweeks today featuring additives from Red Line, Motul, Millers Oils and more top brands.