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In order to keep the exterior of your car looking its very best you need the very best detailing cleaning products. Designed to not only remove the tough dirt, car exterior cleaning products and kits are developed to help restore the outside of your car to as close to its original state as possible.

Our car exterior cleaning products have been developed by the biggest names in the car care and cleaning business, ranging from car polish to restore the shine and protect the paintwork to car wheel brushes that get in between the spokes of your alloys to remove the dirt and brake dust, even car glass cleaners that leave your windscreen and windows looking so clean they sparkle.

Whether it's your job to keep your car looking impeccable or you love nothing more than tending to your pride and joy every weekend, make sure that you've got the best car wax, polish, shampoo and exterior cleaning products around and you'll be able to stand back and look proudly upon the car when you've finished.