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Data is a vitally important part of any motorsport, providing both the team in the pit and the driver or rider on track with the vital information they need to put the perfect race together. Collecting and displaying data can make the difference between improvements and a team going backwards, making the accurate collection and display of data to the driver or rider essential.

As part of our range of lap timing equipment we stock everything you need to time your laps including sector-by-sector splits, as well as stopwatches that a co-driver can use to provide instant feedback to the driver and pit boards that can be hung over the pit wall to provide valuable information including track position and the gap to the racer in front or (ideally) behind.

We stock in-car lap timers suitable for all makes and models of racing cars to help you see your progress in real-time, displaying your current lap time, the lap that you're currently on as well as your current speed and gear along with other essential engine information. Check out the full range of lap timers, stopwatches, pit boards and more here.