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What happens to your racewear in between events? Is it stored in a cupboard or your race car until the next time it is needed? Let’s face it, nobody likes having to put on a race suit which hasn’t been washed in months or slipping your hand into a crusty pair of gloves.

Keeping your racewear in top condition not only makes it nicer to wear, it also has much larger benefits. Your race suit, gloves, boots and underwear have the important role of keeping you safe in the event of an accident. Therefore, taking action to protect this important safety equipment by washing and drying can help to preserve the fibres of the material and ensure that it is ready for use when required.

Often, substances such as oil and fuel can splash onto items of racewear while working on the car. If these items are not suitably cleaned, you may find that your fire-retardant race suit will actually have the opposite effect in the event of a fire.

As a result, we stock a great range of racewear cleaning products to not only keep your racewear in top condition, but also serve to keep you protected. While items such as dryers not only help to improve your comfort during an event, they also prevent the material from degrading from locked in moisture. So, take care of your racewear and it will take care of you.