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Getting the seating position spot on in a race car can make a big difference to how you perform behind the wheel. As standard race seats are designed as a universal size, there may be times where you require a little extra padding to ensure that you are fully supported.
To get the most bespoke fitting seat possible, you cannot look beyond a seat insert kit. Comprising of expanding foam and a large polythene bag, these kits can be moulded to perfectly fit your body while sitting in your race seat. Once the foam has hardened, you will have a reusable seat insert that will hold you in the correct seating position every single time you get in the car. You can also add those finishing touches with fireproof material and seat tape.
Aside from custom seat inserts, we also feature a range of additional and replacement cushions to improve the comfort levels of the seat along with various seat accessories such as bolts, drink systems and cooling accessories. All, of which, ensure that you are as comfortable and secure as you can possibly be when out on track.