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Bendix MF Supersport Sintered Motorcycle Brake Pads
JP¥634.00 Ex VAT JP¥634.00 INC VAT
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Investing heavily in both the design and development of their brake parts, Bendix offer premium brake pads for motorcycles around the world. With the sole purpose of improving brake performance, Bendix brake pads offer riders greater control and stability when they apply the brakes in any conditions; allowing them to brake later on the track and more safely on the road. Whenever you're racing around a circuit on a motorbike the one thing you want is a set of brakes that you can trust. Bendix take great pride in the fact that they have significant experience and expertise behind them, and that they rigorously test every single brake pad and part before allowing them onto the market bearing their name. If you're looking for quality, high performance and race-quality motorcycle brakes, look no further than Bendix.