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Herter Replacement Tube Kit
JP¥1,178.00 Ex VAT JP¥1,178.00 INC VAT
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Fluid transfer and intake is as important for the driver as it is for the car. Staying hydrated throughout a race can help you to focus your attention on the race ahead, helping you to stay cool under pressure and your brain calm and relaxed. Similarly, your car's system needs to be well hydrated and that often means cleaning out the system so that fluids can flow freely and efficiently. Herter are a company who take both driver and car hydration seriously, offering brake bleeding systems for fast road and track cars, as well as hydration systems for the driver. Herter drink systems allow the driver to sip from a hydration pack fed through underneath the helmet so you never have to take your eyes off the wheel. They also provide quality, race-developed Herter brake bleeding kits so you can flush out a tired brake system and remove any air that may have found its way in and started to affect brake performance.