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A driver has four main inputs for driving a car. Three of these are found in the foot well in the form of the pedals.  When building a competition car, it is often considered to be advantageous to upgrade the braking system.

Pedal boxes are available in a range of different configurations covering single pedals through to all three and feature either top mounted or floor mounted options. This way, there will be a pedal box to suit both the physical limitations of the foot well along with the requirements of the driver.

A good pedal box offers a range of adjustment possibilities which would not ordinarily be available on standard pedals including pedal position, pedal throw and pedal ratio to name a few. Another advantage of installing a motorsport pedal box is the option to install your choice of brake master cylinders which has a significant effect on pedal pressure and feel. All of this serves to help the driver have the confidence required on the pedals to be consistent, accurate and, of course, quick.

If you are looking for other places to put your feet, why not check out our range of footrests and pedal extensions under our car preparation section.